Questions on Shopify embedded app as iframe

Questions on Shopify embedded app as iframe

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I have a few questions concerning iframe-ing an external web page for a Shopify app in the Shopify admin.

I have the Shopify app functionality housed in an external web page, say


In the Shopify remix app I am doing a redirect in the app/routes/app._index.jsx as follows:

export const loader = async ({ request }) => {

    return redirect("");

The redirect is to an API that fetches the page at that dynamically adds the required Content-Security-Policy header for frame-ancestors,

e.g. frame-ancestors


This all works but my first question is:

Is this the right method to achieve the external web app in the Shopify admin as an embedded iframe app
or is there a better/recommended method? If so, what is that recommended method?


My second question is around the Shopify embedded app menu items.
For example, say I'd like to have the following menu in the Shopify admin:



I know this is simply implemented with the following in the app/routes/app.jsx file as:

export default function App() {
  const { apiKey } = useLoaderData();

  return (
    <AppProvider isEmbeddedApp apiKey={apiKey}>
        <Link to="/app" rel="home">
        <Link to="/app/Dashboard">Dashboard</Link>
        <Link to="/app/Products">Products</Link>
        <Link to="/app/Orders">Orders</Link>
        {/* Add this line */}
      <Outlet />

What I'd like to do is when the user clicks on the various menu items, have my app react to the selection and display the required content/data/etc.

Because of the redirect, however, this menu does not appear. As I understand it, because the redirect happened on the server side, the construction of the menu items is bypassed. If I remove the redirect, the menu items of course appear as expected.

Is there a way to have the Shopify admin menu items appear and do the redirect to my external app page and on clicks of the menu items not return/display any UI but just have logic executed to manipulate the iframed web app?

Or is it the case that once you do a redirect there cannot be any admin menu items displayed, i.e. redirect/iframing and Shopify admin menu items are
mutually exclusive

Many thanks in advance!

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Did you figure this out?