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Questions regarding POS Pro

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For a equestrian shop we would like to change our POS to Shopify POS Pro so we can combine it with the Shopify Webshop.


Because we have a situation where we have existing situation the Shopify POS Pro software needs to be able to do some specific things (so below):


Cash register / website requirements
Multiple employees log in cash register
Granting rights in the back office (not everyone has access to financial reports)
Put a note on a receipt  (for instance a s#, so a freeform text field)
Registration number required for certain items (saddles, HW blankets,…)
Cash In and out view (sales and returns)
Can export customer list to excel, with discount points saved
     -Then set all points to 0 (or more advanced with customer specific codes)
Send mailing instead of Campaign Monitor
Scheduling discounts with start and end dates
Exclude products from saving points (customer does not receive points on saddles)
Exclude products from shipping, but can be ordered online for store pick-up (horsefood)
Shipping surcharge for certain products (whips)
Credit card acceptance at ATM
Different VAT rates
Different VAT rates and totals on receipt
Enter customer discount at customer (e.g. riding schools have a standard discount), but discount is not deducted from excluded products
Linked ATM (do not manually enter amounts on ATM)
Scanner/Receipt Printer
Possibility to do inventory with multiple scanners
Inventory management
Track purchase orders/back orders
Customer reservations (so that reserved products are on stock, but not on Free available stock)
Issuing/collecting gift vouchers
Exclude discounts on article groups, on brands and on unique products
Do not calculate double discounts.
Group discounts on site should not override unique product discounts
Customer management with points (discount system)
Be able to see customer purchases history
Minimum stock advice for reordering per supplier (to be entered yourself and no automated order advice based on sales)
Discount option on 1 item of your choice
Discount on everything that is…. (e.g. a brand/color/etc)
3rd item free, -> cheapest product free
Buttons (tiles) on the cash register for food, washing blankets, saddle consultations etc
Day end with balance check
Does the cash register work if the internet goes down ? (we have bad internet connection)
Cash drawer opens automatically with cash transaction
Indicates cash register change
Invoicing/on account option in checkout
See how often, when and to whom a article is sold
2 Color options; official name supplier and main group color
Print barcodes with price (price tags)
Generate stock list per date (preferably based on quantity on stock x total purchase price)


Thanks for your help