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"Big Screen" Live Dashboard App

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Has anyone got any ideas for some kind of live fullscreen type app with live store info (sales, orders, number of open orders etc) to run constantly on a big monitor in such a way it can be seen at a glance from anywhere in the office?   It would be super cool if there was a popup for 30 seconds or so for new orders, perhaps with a sound alert.

Would be really good for our use case and doesn't seem too technical.  Best I can find so far is Databox but that's $59 per month for anything faster than daily updates (and even then it's only an hourly refresh!).

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Hey Greg!

Actually Shopify built a framework for such a thing. Here is a demo. Is it something that looks good for you? Any other examples apart of Databox which you like?

As I see Shopify dashboards (Overview dashboard, Live View, different Reports) are really powerful and organized in a similar manner, so you can probably open them on a big screen. I'm curious why it's not enough for you and whether there are good reasons to have a separate page optimized for fullscreen view.

We build Shopify apps and looking for problems to solve now. Your post grabbed my attention, personally I like any kind of visualizations 🙂

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Hi Sergey,

Thanks for your response!

I agree the Shopify dashboard is good, but the Dashing demo (which I'd never seen) looks much better and the kind of thing we are looking for. 

Firstly the actual presentation is far more appropriate for viewing at a glance from across a room but also I like the customisability.  For example, nearly all of our orders currrently are either imported from channels (eBay, Amazon, Etsy) and we are now opening a shop, so POS sales figures are far more important to me than, say, abandoned carts.

Secondly, dashboard only shows one time period at a time, whereas I'd like to see today and MTD and probably YTD all in one view.  We also work to a monthly target, so progress towards that would be cool.

The last thing which would be really awesome would be popup notifications.  I could invisage a sound alert of some kind (e.g ker-ching!) for orders or other events.

I suppose if I was going really nuts, it would be good to pull data from other sources (things like Paypal balance, P&L from Xero, Unread emails in customer service inbox and/or pending ZenDesk tickets etc).

I guess the whole idea is to have one screen which anyone can look at out of the corner of their eye and see how we're doing and what needs to be done at a glance.

My idea was to run this on an old TV and a NUC, Raspberry Pi, Amazon TV Stick or something else with a basic browser, although I guess it would be just as easy for some people to use a second monitor on their main machine.

I should say I haven't got a mega budget for this (thus rejecting Databox) but I'd be happy to work with you on something like this, test it etc and would certainly pay a reasonable monthly fee for it.  If Dashing already exists, would this be a good starting point for an app? Personally, I think the interface is perfect.


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Hey Greg,

I get your idea with all mentioned details. Would be great to connect and learn more about each other. Definitely there is a chance of working together on this. First, it's interesting for me to learn more about your business and understand who is a target audience of such an app.

Can you send me an email to


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Hey Greg, I'd love to hear more what you'd want on a Big Screen Dashboard, I think that'a a very doable thing. Can you shoot me an email at and we can chat more about details?



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Hi Greg, 

I know this has been posted quite a while ago... but I'm curious to know if anything has been done from your request? Going through what you posted and my use case is almost identical! 

Please let me know if you're using anything that provides a solution to your past problem.



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I know this was quite awhile ago, but i would really like to see a personal info page for this as a quick look at my sales info for a information board in my office..,that would rock!