"Bulk Editor" App?

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When I was on wordpress we had an awesome bulk editor worked in that let me edit any aspect of a product I selected. 

Is there something similar you guys have found? 

I need to:

1. Edit SKU 

2. Have a somewhat large image so I can see which individual product it is 

3. Edit Name 

4. Edit Price 

5. Put items on sale by collection or individually 

6. Have this all on the same page and be able to update at least 100 products at once 

and a handful of other tasks.

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Shopify Partner
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Hi ItsPaanda,


We just released an app called Super Sheet, https://apps.shopify.com/super-sheet which should be fill your requirements pretty well- you can bulk edit product data in a spreadsheet, with many products visible at once. Only thing that's not supported completely is 5. - you can set product status as being "draft" or "active", but currently you can only load products by parameters like date, keywords or vendor, but loading based on collections is not yet supported. But if you can achieve same results with combination of those parameters, then I'd recommend giving Super Sheet a try!


Kristian/Super Sheet