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"Buy More, Save More"

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Multi-SKU PowerBuy is the newest social commerce feature for the PowerBuy app. If you’re a merchant, you can set up a bundle of products available to shoppers for the same percentage discount through PowerBuy on Shopify. 

When shoppers log on, AI can recommend similar enticing deals on products. When shoppers add more PowerBuys to their cart, the edge closer to meeting the minimum cart requirement. Shoppers then share the deal on social media to acquire the bargain.

If friends visit of the shopper visit PowerBuy, they’ll be directed to the guest page to see all available PowerBuys, not just their friend’s.

In order to access the bundle deal, a shopper has to act as a microinfluencer and share the deal on social media to get their followers joining a group buy, which drives the price down. When shoppers buy more, they save more, especially if they meet the minimum quantity requirement.


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