"Send a cart recovery email" option not showing since switching to Shopify Email

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We switched to using the Shopify Email app and have set up abandoned cart and checkout flows.


Previously, when we went to Orders -> Abandoned Checkouts and then clicked into a Checkout, there use to be an button that would allow us to "Send a cart recovery email."


The help file (available at https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/orders/abandoned-checkouts) also states that there should be a button like this to send:




But that button simply doesn't exist on any of the Abandoned Cart accounts I click into now. 


Am I missing something?


Also, within the email app itself, when you look at the Workflow run history for any of the flows, it just shows "Start time", "Actions taken" and "status" -  there doesn't seem to be a way to add a column to show the customer for each row. It seems the only way to try figure out which action taken/not taken applies to which customer is to click though to the event. This is a very tedious way to try find actions taken/not taken for a particular customer. 




Is it possible to add a column here to show the Customer that applies to each action taken?





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Did you figure this out? I'm desperate to get this back,