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Hello Shopify Friends,

My site is cartoon products, and I'd like to give my readers a chance to push a button and have a random cartoon pop up for them or just to open a random cartoon product? Is there an app for that? I searched, but perhaps I wasn't using the right words? I searched "random product selector."



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Nothing off the shelf for that, it's normally done with a bespoke app because it's not truly random if you want business logic control such as say a certain product to be 2x more likely to show up etc.

This could be handle by usemechanic https://apps.shopify.com/mechanic with a bespoke script to constantly update a specific metafield to point to products.

If you'd like to buy a one time theme customization contact me at paull.newton+shopifyforums@gmail.com with details( store url, this topic url, and any other business rules)

Both options would could also just let you have a /pages/random and not just a button.

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