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I have been searching for answers and am going no where. I need help with tracking raw materials to finished products. 

I am selling ON DEMAND not READY TO SHIP.

I want to sell 5 different finished sweatshirts/tshirts but need to track inventory for both the prints and the garments. How do I do that?

I have 5 different graphics and have 10 prints of each. I have 2 of each color sweatshirt and 10 of each color tshirt. Customer can pick whichever garment they want the graphic to be applied to. 

When I create the listing for each graphic and add the variants of garments, the number available is incorrect. I cannot input 10 of graphic 1 with 2 red and 2 green shirts available and then entering 10 of graphic 2 but sill only have 2 of each color because the system recognizes both making my count 4 of each color. Therefore, when a customer orders graphic 1 in green making my count of shirts 1, graphic 2 will still show that I have 2 green shirts avail. 

I have tried the add on apps available but I cannot figure out how to input the listings correctly for both systems to work properly. Honestly, it's confusing. 

Someone please help. 


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This is a common one for our bundleup app users. The way to manage the inventory levels will be to bundle each variant with the actual inventory SKU. So the same SKU would be the component across a number of variants. When one sells the other variants are then updated through our app as we recalculate the inventory based on the main SKU. The only issue you have with this setup is it doesn't prevent someone buying more than the available quantity as the inventory is calculated post purchase and not dynamically during checkout.

If you would like to test out our bundle app just get in touch and we can guide you through setup.



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Hello @CWebb 

It is indeed a very common problem across bundle app users.

I would suggest, if you want to sell 5 different finished sweatshirts/tshirts but need to track inventory for both the prints and the garments, you would need to bundle each variant with the the inventory SKU, just like Tom mentioned.

Through our Bundle Kit app, you will be able to automatically list out the individual bundled item SKUs in the bundle order, which will then be automatically updated and it will also inspect every single incoming order, and manage its price by computing it in real-time, so it is less time consuming, and costly.

You can test it out on our app for free: https://apps.shopify.com/bundle-kit

Hope that was helpful!

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or want us to guide you through the process.

Best, Ana