Re-using custom app for multiple stores

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I'd like to build a custom app and then re-use it to get installed in different stores. 

On Shopify guides it states that Shopify Plus service partners can install the same custom app on multiple Plus stores for a single Shopify Plus merchant. However, I don't know what exactly is considered the 'same custom app'. I.e. if I change a text would be considered a different app already?

Thank you.

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Few months ago you would create custom app that you could install on all stores you want.

However, Shopify changed their workflow and now you can have one app per store only.


To overcome the issue we implemented Master App - so app that checks which store is calling it and returns data basedon this. However, it still needs you to create custom app in Shopify Partners for every store - you just point all of these apps to one URL

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Hi @Cellify , 

Thanks for your response!
How would you go about creating this? 
I'm trying to install my custom app on 3 different stores under the same user (testing, canada, and US): 


Would I just do this process 3 times with each domain? 
How do I get these apps to point to one URL?