Reading customAttributes from FulfillmentOrderLineItem

Reading customAttributes from FulfillmentOrderLineItem

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I am using GraphQL to connect to several shops, through a Fulfillment Service app.


So I am reading the FulfillmentOrders which are open on my location, and that FulfillmentOrder has also FulfillmentOrderLineItems.


There is link from FulfillmentOrderLineItems, to OrderLineItems, but that link is depracated. Why is that one depracated.

Because the lineItemobjects also give me much information which is useful, like CustomAttributes.


I understand that the 'OrderLineItem' quantity fields etc would be useless, because I have to look at the quantities of the 'FulfillmentOrderLineItem'. But there are some fields which could still be interesting.


I don't like to develop further on depracated resources. But will there be another possibility to read the CustomAttributes from out the FulfillmentOrderLineItems?

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I'm running into this same problem. And it gets more challenging if you have multiple lineItems with different customAttributes. You can't tie back which is which. Or if there is a split fulfillment which location is dealing with which customAttributes.  There seems to be an oversight in this data model if you can't tie back to the specific lineItem.  But only roughly through the variantID, but there may also be no variantId if you are creating a lineItem and only relying on customAttributes.