Recharge and Local Delivery Support

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Our delivery zone is restricted to a couple of Zip Codes only (no shipping, no store pickup). We can successfully enforce such a limit with the standard Shopify checkout which will not accept orders from any other zip codes outside our preset local delivery area. But Recharge's website says they don't support Shopify's local delivery but they don't exactly explain how...

So my questions are:

  • 1) Will Recharge's checkout respect the zip code local delivery limitations I set up in Shopify by automatically rejecting orders from any other zip codes?


  • 2) Will the local delivery subscription orders placed via Recharge show up in the Shopify's Local Delivery App?


Thanks in advance for your help.

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Did you find any resolution for this? 

I am also looking for local delivery and pick up options to work for recharge subscriptions. Did you or has anyone found a solution for this? I thought we could do an integration with Zapiet local delivery / pick up and Recharge, but running into dead ends. 


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Hi !

No, I tried no-code solutions, but did not work. So we're going to develop with some JS. 

Let me know if you find something!


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Hi VBWine, we are a web development agency and are currently deploying the Zapiet Local Setup with ReCharge for one of our clients. I am happy to walk you through a demo and you can let me know if this suits your requirements. You can contact me on

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Hi Levixmo, 

I can certainly answer what ReCharge means about not supporting Shopify's local delivery. You can certainly set the delivery parameters on the Shopify out-of-box delivery features; however, when the subscription order is pulled into ReCharge, it is considered just a shipping address, bar any zip codes restrictions you may have.


In instances this may be relevant, when a custom logs into their Recharge Subscription Portal account, they can change their delivery address to any address to deliver to, even if you have set up our delivery restrictions in Shopify. A way around this, is to disable your customers from updating their addresses in the portal, not ideal, but at least you have a way of managing it. 


ReCharge has out-of-box Delivery zones feature; however, this feature is disabled when Shopify is connected.


Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions, you can reach out to me on


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Has anyone figured out a solution to this, I am having a similar issue.

In a perfect world, we would configure our shipping/delivery options  as such:
1) if the customer lives locally (defined by zip codes in/around our facility) and their order is greater than $20, then it is free delivery
2).if an order is less than $20 and they want local delivery then the fee is $10.
3) if they live outside of the defined zones and would like shipping within Texas, then the fee is a flat @15.
But if cannot do that, is there a way to limit which customers see the subscription option?
(If so we would limit who sees the subscription option to only local addresses so we can delivery or they can pick up…but no shipping)
Please help if you have a solution.  
We are trying out Recharge and Appstle but both are saying it's a Shopify issue not theirs and vice versa.