ReCharge App lost all its reviews?

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I'm trying to implement ReCharge App for subscriptions on my Shopify store but I noticed all of their reviews are gone. They used to have thousands of them with a 4.9 rating.

Anyone have any idea what happened? 

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Looks like Bold also lost them... weird.

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Seems that Recharge has disappeared too. And that BOLD has increased their pricing  to 39,99. Very weird.
@Shopify any explanation for this?

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Shopify released their new Subscription API and have now removed any apps that bypassed the Shopify Checkout.

They have put together a collection of apps that now support Shopify Checkout 

The announcement said that any apps already installed were ok, but no new installs. So you'll either have to wait until the app developer to update the app or move to a different one. I suspect the removal of all the reviews was because the app was effectively removed from the app store and a new version was submitted by Bold to replace it.

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