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Recharge Subscriptions, Free Shipping, and Promo Codes not meshing well

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I'm having some issues getting our Shopify store to allow the integration of Subscriptions and a Free Shipping Threshold while avoiding the use of Promo Codes (as Shopify only supports one promo code per purchase at the moment).


End Goal: Offer subscriptions on our website, Free shipping over $40 for all orders (one-time and subscription), and still allow people to use promo codes from Influencers.


It seems I have no issues with getting 2 out of these 3 goals:

A Free Shipping threshold can be integrated on Shopify through Shipping Profiles which avoid the use of a promo code, therefore leaving it open for Influencers. This doesn't work with Recharge Subscriptions though, as they suggest not using shipping profiles unless you use their checkout. The workaround is to use a Promo Code to offer the Free Shipping Threshold instead, which works fine, but then eliminates the ability to use Promo Codes for Influencers as only one promo code can be used at a time by a customer.


Any suggestions allowing this End Goal are more than welcome, I have tried various different things and have run into many obstacles along the way, the most notable of which are described below.


Attempt 1: Used Shipping Profiles anyway

I actually attempted this first, before I knew that Recharge doesn't recommend it. It's obvious why they don't, as the APIs seem to conflict and allow customers to purchase items to get over the free shipping threshold and then get free shipping on subscription items. For example, $40 worth of "one-time-purchase" products while adding a small $5 purchase for a 'Subscription". Normally this $5 item would use "calculated" shipping, but with Shipping Profiles enabled on Shopify to grant free shipping over $40, all the FUTURE orders for the $5 item are also granted Free Shipping. In extreme scenarios these losses can add up fast. Furthermore, I haven't had any luck with "flat rate" shipping either, they seem to break at the same times that the "calculated" rates do.


Attempt 2: Used the promo code

It's what I have on my site right now, and I have sort of already explained it. But basically, I just disabled Shipping Profiles through Shopify and enabled a promo code that allows free shipping over $40. After fiddling with Workflows on Recharge's end, you can get it to calculate subscription shipping properly, although it actually doesn't tell the customer due to, once again, conflicting APIs with Recharge and Shopify. Either way, this doesn't allow me to give out promo codes to Influencers which is something I'm trying to work my way into. Also, it's a bit clunky as it stands.


Attempt 3: Ditch Recharge.

I'm not tied to them. I like them, things seem to work well, but I'd rather everything work the way I want. I have spent hours fiddling with their workflows to get things to work so it's frustrating that things still don't work the way I want, but that seems to be normal. I originally tried Appstle Subscriptions but an issue with their code ended up disabling the variants on my site (only on IOS). It took a lot of back and forth with Shopify support to figure out the issue, and I ended up deleting the app and going for Recharge.


Attempt 4: Enable multiple promo codes

Seemingly the simplest solution. However, Shopify seems to have a hard cap on one promo code per order with no plans to change it. It's been requested to be changed for 6 years and it hasn't been. Some apps seem to claim to be a workaround but none of them have good reviews, interfaces, and honestly just seem to cause more problems.


If you've read this far, any input would be appreciated. I feel like I'm at a dead end and not sure what else to try to get these things to work. But I'd like to have the Subscriptions, Free Shipping over $40, and Promo Codes I can give to Influencers to spread the word. This seems like a relatively common desire in 2022.


Thank you!

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You should be able to achieve this with delivery profiles which you set up directly in the subscription app. You can then even use the discount codes on the subscription order as long as you configure them so that they can be used on subscription purchases.

The Seal Subscriptions app has all these features which you need.

For example, I would create a delivery profile in the subscriptions app specifically for subscription products, where you give free shipping when the total value exceeds $40.

And then, create the same delivery profile in your shop, but for non subscription products. So that the same condition will apply and the customers will get free shipping over $40 (assuming you also want that).

And to create a discount code, which can be used both with subscriptions and one-time orders, go to Shopify Admin -> Discounts -> click on the button to create new discount code. In the "Purchase Type" configuration, select either "Subscription" option or the "Both" option.