Re: ReCharge VS PayWhirl VS Bold - Subscription Apps

ReCharge VS PayWhirl VS Bold - Subscription Apps

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Hi guys,


We're looking at installing a subscription app that works with the Shopify Checkout.


Which one out of ReCharge, PayWhirl or Bold is the best and has the most features for Shopify stores?


Pricing is not a massive issue for us due to the current growth of the business.


Thanks for all your help and advice. 

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We currently have recharge and its very labour intensive to manage. It does not integrate with the shopify checkout and cannot handle any tiered discounts or bundle apps. 

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We have the same issue

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They are all garbage if you ask me. I cannot believe at this point, with so many subscription businesses, there are not better options out there. We have used BOLD for the last 18 months and if there was any way we could afford a custom site we totally would jump ship.


Bold has the best functionality, but they are like a closed book on data and integrating into other platforms is tedious at best, and most often the response is "you should reach out to our customized tech team that can help with that," which may or may not exist because no one ever responds to any tech request that is custom! 


There's my rant!

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Hi there! I'm the founder of Skio ( and here to throw my hat into the ring.


Skio helps Shopify merchants sell subscriptions without ripping their hair out.


One of our game-changing features is group subscription discounts. The best way to think of this is like Spotify/Sprint family, but for subscriptions. Customers are happy when they get consistently lower pricing (vs. 1-time store credits) and merchants are happy when customers bring in friends at no cost.


In all, we help you:

  1. Save customer support time (passwordless login, set next order date as a customer, instant page loads, mobile-friendly)

  2. Easily migrate from Recharge/Bold ($0)

  3. Get free customers by giving group subscription discounts (similar to Sprint/Spotify family)

  4. Keep your hair when using your dashboard (intuitive, buttery-smooth analytics)

  5. Increase checkout completion with native Shopify checkout (also no duplicate products or url)

  6. Eliminate 1% transaction fees on solo subscriptions

  7. Edit colors any time with the Skio No-Code Theme Editor (fully customizable colors, a/b tested layout)

  8. Send SMS notifications (0% markup)

  9. Get 24/7 support (phone, email, live chat, 10 hour response time or less)

  10. Set a day of the week or month for orders

  11. Show order history in 1 place (1-time AND subscription orders)

  12. Increase customer comprehension with multi-currency support (checkout, subscription portal, localized formatting)


If you're curious about seeing all of this in a Skio vs. Bold format, Skio vs. ReCharge format, or a Skio vs. Paywhirl format, please see:


If this is interesting, would love to chat sometime!





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Am I correct in seeing that skio is between $300 and $400 a month?   That is great for large businesses, but not for starting out.   

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Has this gotten any better with Bold? I am looking for a paywhirl alternative now. We have tried Appstle but their customer interface is problematic.

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I've worked with multiple brands and tried several subscription apps. The best one by far has been Prive 🔁


Besides being extremely user-friendly, the customer portal allows for a bunch of controls like stopping subscriptions, replacing products, etc which isn't necessarily present in other apps. 


It also boasts clients like Dieux, Pricklee, Kudos, Tosi, etc. 

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Hey George! 

I represent Loop Subscriptions. We have done 200+ migrations from Recharge and other apps to Loop- They also consider us as the best Recharge alternative

One of the brands that migrated from PayWhirl to Loop saw a 30% reduction in churn in less than 2 weeks. 

There are more success stories on our website. You can also check our reviews 🙂

Feel free to reach out to us at if you have more questions.