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Hi all,


We have a store where all the products are hidden until after registration, during registration the Advanced Registration app tags the customer account with tags based on the questions they fill in.

I have the ability with that app to redirect them to a page after registration but it doesn't let me redirect them to a different page based on their answers.

So, does anyone know if there is an app/method of redirecting all customers to the same page which might be and have that page show a collection of products based on the customer tag associated with their account?

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Since an app is involved it can problematic to use standard answers but this is a common topic of redirecting after registration, sign in, etc  

For that above thread note there is also the "return_to" parameter

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If the app sends everyone to the same page that uses a template form your theme you can modify you'd want to modify that page template to have an instant redirect based on what tags they have.

{% if customer.tags contains "example tag" %} {% comment %}Business logic {% endcomment %} {% endif %}


THEN you'll have to have more logic to show a collection.


But if the app can send customers to the same page why not just send them directly to the collection with that page modified to show products based on their tags, no need for an intermediary page.




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