Recommendation for app combination: Subscription and Volume discounts

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Does anyone have a recommendation for a good combination of subscription and volume discount apps?

At the moment, I have Recharge for Subscriptions and Bundle Bear for volume discounts. The problem is that Bundle Bear has its own add to cart button, so I removed the theme's quantity picker and button as it was confusing for customers. But Recharge needs the theme's add to cart button so I'm unable to use it yet. 

If I have: Recharge (plus add to cart button) and Bundle Bear (plus its own required add to cart button) it's very cluttered and confusing. 

Any examples of websites using these 2 types of apps on one page would be helpful! Thanks!
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Hi @htea ,

In this case, I highly recommend using a Page Builder app like our app, PageFly. With PageFly, you can still add the Shopify ATC button to your product page, but you can hide its visibility. This will make sure that Recharge functions normally, without confusing customers with Bundle Bear proprietary ATC button. 

Recharge has integration with PageFly, so you just need to drag n drop the element inside your page. You can add the Bundle Bear to PageFly by adding this code (I get it from here😞 

<div class="cb-bundles"></div>

to PageFly using our HTML/Liquid element 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask ^^


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Can you help with recreating a widget like this 



Basically, a subscription widget and the volume discounts inside the "Buy once" element of the widget, so that it all works correctly

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Quantity X works similarly to Bundle Bear but doesn't create its own Add to Cart button. You can try it for free. 

Quantity X is a volume discount app with an upsell funnel. Try for free