Recommendation Request: solving complex Product Options for an Art website Framer tool

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We have a couple brands with in excess of 200,000 art items.  We have been scouring for the best solution to manage the product options, without having to output all of the different views from PSD.

Ideally, it would consist of simply loading a base art file, then applying pre-determined frames / mattes / etc for variant options, showing the customer the view of the final product.

Our thought is to simply overlay PNG's of each element that would be applied to the presentation for the customer to see before purchase (frames, matte's, etc) - the app would overlay PNG's over the default image (art piece). 

Because we have so many items, we need a Tool that can support CSV/XLS import.

We have variant facets such as;

  • Product Types 
    • Framed Art, Stretched Canvas, Art on Metal
  • If Framed, There would be Frame Moulding options - up to 10
  • If Framed, Optional Matte presentations - up to 30 colors
  • Size

There is an app called SimulArt that is very close to what we need, but it does not support Import, and requires each item be set up individually, which would be impossible with the sheer number of items we offer, and will be growing to Millions over time... 

Thanks in advance for any help!


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