Recommendations for International Freight/LTL Shipping Rates

Recommendations for International Freight/LTL Shipping Rates

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Hi everyone,


We are a manufacturing company which regularly ships our products on a pallet. We currently use an app which provides FedEx LTL Freight rates within the US and Canada, which works great.


We are beginning to ship more frequently to overseas customers (Europe, Austrailia, Taiwan) and freight shipping has been a hassle. We've either required customers to coordinate their own shipping or have to call our FedEx rep to get a freight quote which is only good for 24 hours. 


Does anyone have any recommendations for Shopify apps that would allow customers to be presented with international freight shipping rates and services on checkout? We're open to a more 'traditional' logistics/forwarding service as well, but it still needs to have app that can allow customers to select a rate on checkout.

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Hi @alexpinson,


based on your requirement, I would suggest you take a look at the Ship, Rate and Track app for FedEx. The app supports all FedEx freight shipping services, both domestic, as well as international, and displays, Freight services & associated live rates at the checkout.


Feel free to reach out for queries, we will be happy to help!

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I hope you're having a great week!  ShipTop an eCommerce fulfillment partner is a leading eCommerce fulfillment provider and we believe we can help your business grow. Here are a few key points about what sets us apart:
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You can build custom app as well that will get rates from carrier (FedEx or any other Freight carriers)

Here you can take advantage of Shopify's MetaField type of Dimension to store HxWxL data and get more accurate rates. Additionally you can add % of additional handling charges on rates to get profit from shipping as well.  

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