Referencing shopify orders within Slack?

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I see plenty of apps that do shopify "reporting" in Slack, but none of them seem to cover this need of mine.


My team is constantly needing to reference a specific order and almost all the time, that means, one person has to type the order number out, and then the others have to copy and paste it (often on mobile, and many times having to log in again) into shopify and find the order to see item/shipping details etc. I searched around, but cant seem to find anything that lets me do a slash command like /#12345 and have that link directly to the order in shopify, and/or pull order info into slack automatically. Anyone aware of anything like this?

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That would be a custom slack bot , might be doable with lowcode services like zapier etc.

Depending on context if you build this then for mobile users may want to show a QR code image, such as a desktop user needing to pull it up on a phone before going into the warehouse.

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Understood. Thanks for the info, if I didn't want to use zapier, where should I go to further this project? If you know.

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Hey ayrity - if you haven't come up with a solution yet, my free app Blazon has this feature. After install, you can query order info within Slack by using the slash command:

/blazon order_number

That will return the order details and include a link to the order info within your Shopify admin.

Chetan Shenoy
Creator of Blazon: Simple Slack Alerts