Regarding amazon connector app to shopify store

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Hello all,

I would like suggestions regarding an app where " if one order comes in Shopify will the stock be dispatched from Amazon FBA automatically "

Please let me know if there are any related apps that can fulfill the above requirement?



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Hi @bineshsingh 

Shopify Amazon Integration instantly combines your brand with a loyal customer base that is available to purchase. This alone is huge as it gives you many conveniences from optimization to visitor conversion to loyalty.

The advantages of the Amazon-Shopify integration go far beyond just selling on the two platforms. It promotes the clarity of your brand and also improves your sales. Shipping takes a little more effort because you receive your order on Shopify and then ship or deliver through Amazon. And to avoid this, you have to upgrade to a paid plan. But if you're not sure what tier you require, start with the basic $29 per month plan.

To connect to Amazon as a sales channel in Shopify, you require the Shopify amazon connector to link your existing Amazon product listings to the Amazon listing page in Shopify. (By the way, FBA or SFP products won't appear there.) Let Shopify control your inventory so, you don't have to update it manually.

If you are using Amazon to fulfill orders, do not allow customers to purchase products that are out of stock. You can also choose Amazon to manage the inventory in this case, so it's synced based on the inventory you have on Amazon.

Hope this is helpful for you if you need more support then you can connect with us.