Regarding Custom Promotions and Discount Visibility in Shopify Admin

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We are currently in the process of developing a Shopify app that specializes in promotions. As a crucial component of our workflow, we are utilizing the PriceRule API to create custom promotions. These promotions do not directly impact the merchant's store or checkout process, as they are created without discount codes.

However, we have encountered an issue where these custom price rules are visible in the Discounts section of the Shopify admin panel . While this visibility allows merchants to perform operations such as activation, deactivation, and deletion on these rules, it conflicts with our app's workflow, as we have other actions that depend on the status of these price rules.

We have two specific inquiries regarding this matter:

  1. Is there a way to hide the price rules or discounts generated through our app, which has NO discount codes, from the Discounts section in the admin panel? This would help streamline our app's workflow and prevent any conflicts with merchant operations.

  2. If hiding the discounts is not feasible, is there a method to either control the bulk actions defined in the Discounts section of the admin panel or receive a reference when these actions are executed? Having this capability would allow us to synchronize our app's actions with any changes made by merchants within the admin panel.

We greatly appreciate your assistance in resolving this issue. Any guidance or suggestions you can provide would be invaluable in ensuring the smooth integration of our app with the Shopify platform.

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