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Regarding fetching the shopify store order details using shopify query language

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1.)I am developing a web application, in that I am connecting the Shopify store. I am trying to fetch the store order details using Shopify ql for the first 200 orders. 

But I am unable to fetch the 200 orders it shows an error as follows, So I can only fetch the first 13 orders. Kindly help us out in finding the solution for this.image.png

2.)I have used PHP and javascript to get the solution using the Shopify response for a particular API and Shopify ql.

Using javascript how many I have created a graph for showing the store total order details per month and year.

How Shopify will give access to show the order details of 10000 orders on a single page using javascript? Will it be split into multiple pages or will it be shown on a single page?

Kindly help us out by suggesting a solution for this. TIA


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