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For those of you using mailchimp, how do you prevent shopsync from automatically unsubscribing return customers who are already subscribed because they didn't tick the 'subscribe' box at checkout? (makes no sense that they would tick it every single time they buy from us, as they would assume they're already subscribed).

Very counter-intuitive feature which is driving me crazy and I haven't been able to find a solution. If there are any developers here I am prepared to pay someone to get this fixed.


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Did you find a solution to this? We've just noticed that we're having the same problem.

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To be honest I kind of just gave up for now until I have more time to spend on it..

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I understand, it's a time-consuming hassle!

Shopsync's "subscriber logic" at states that
confirmed subscribers on Mailchimp will remain subscribed regardless of
changes on Shopify.

But ShopSync have now confirmed to me that customers are in fact
unsubscribed if they don't tick the marketing box and this can't be

What's happening is Shopify is updating the customers based on their most
> recent interaction with your store, so when the customers come to shop and
> do not check the box at checkout, ShopSync receives a webhook from Shopify
> that the customer is now transactional only, which must be honored by both
> ShopSync and the MailChimp applications.

> While the update is being performed by ShopSync to change that status in
> MailChimp, the action itself of changing to transactional occurs in the
> Shopify application when the customer interacts with the store and does not
> accept marketing. This change has been implemented to create a more
> synchronized shopping experience, while still allowing the customers to
> receive your transactional emails should they choose to not accept
> marketing at checkout.

> As this cannot be circumvented, to help inform your subscribers of the
> change, you could consider using the *“Preselect the sign-up option”
> under your store’s settings. You can find this by going to Settings ->
> Checkout and scrolling down. *You can add a checkbox at checkout using
> this *GUIDE*
> from
> Shopify.

> This way, each customer that comes to your store will remain as a
> subscriber if they’re already in your Mailchimp audience. If they uncheck
> it, it’s a deliberate action where we’ll honor their unsubscribe.

> Another option is *adding a note to your Welcome Automation from Shopify
> signups* advising your subscribers that in order to stay subscribed to
> the list, it will be necessary to click the* "Keep me updated"* box just
> below their email address field on the checkout form.

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Yes, however the suggested solution of having the checkbox pre-ticked is not a viable one because it violates GDPR.

There has to be a better way..

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Hi @rcl2018 @nicksaltmarsh Shopify - you're right about that. At this current time, we really don't have a way of stopping this from happening. Let us try to explain a little bit for anyone else that might be looking at this forum.

The integration from ShopSync is meant to keep your resources in sync which also honors the Shopify customer subscriber status. This seems to be where the disconnect is happening because you're correct in saying that when the customer does not check the box at checkout, they are then updated in Shopify as "not accepting marketing". ShopSync does not know whether or not that the customer did this on accident or on purpose, so in that context we have to "keep things in sync" and then mark that customer as "transactional" in Mailchimp.

We've discussed this internally so many times, and the integration has to play nicely with both Shopify & Mailchimp's parameters. We have been told by the Shopify partner team that we need to honor the false subscriber status - but the truth is we might need to provide a little more context like this today to justify a change of some sort.

Maybe the solution would be something like a popup saying "are you sure you want to unsubscribe from this store's mailing list" if they do not check the box, there might be a really nice "meet in the middle" that would not get in the way of the checkout, but still at lease warn the customer that they're actually unsubscribing at this point it may help with this issue. I do believe that it's more of an oversight than a "bug" but the customers probably don't know that they're being removed from the mailing lists at this time either.

We feel as if we all work together meaning the store owners, Shopify and ShopSync, we can most certainly come up with a solution, but at this point our hands are somewhat tied to do anything on our end.


ShopSync Team


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I'd like to chime in.... Come on Shopify... Can you please at least allow an option to handle the subscriber status outside of shopify? This way we would still be able to sync products, coupons and purchased products, without loosing subscribers on every purchase. I mean it's nice to have the option to subscribe at checkout, but even if i deactivate that checkbox, everyone who buys something is marked as unsubscribed, which in turn has to be synced to mailchimp...

This makes absolutely no sense and is hurting our business

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Luckily GDPR only applies to businesses operating and doing business in the European Union.  So for all the rest of us peeps, the pre-select option works.  With that being said, Shop Sync has some other serious issues

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This is a serious issue and unfortunately a prechecked box doesn't cut it as a solution. Returning customers are the most important people to keep on our mailing lists. I understand a large part of the problem is on Shopify's side but, come on Shopsync, there must be a better way around this.

Here's the real problem. Mailchimp tracks both subscribes and unsubscribes. Shopify only tracks subscribes-- not opting in on a return visit is absolutely not the same thing as opting out. One possible solution is to sync all fields except the subscription status from Shopify to Mailchimp unless the subscription box is checked during checkout. There must be a way to do that on your end. And if there's not, it's time for your team to make some noise about this with both Mailchimp and Shopify until there is a solution. Shopsync is not usable for us as it is now.

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Completely agree. Have you had any response from ShopSync since?