Repeat-Sales through staying connected to your customers well after the first sale.

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Hi Shopify Store Owners!


We recently launched our Shopify app Delloop and we are looking for store owners who would like

to be part of a fully curated 30-day trial of this very new marketing tool in exchange for an honest review.


By ‘fully curated’ we mean that we would help create some marketing collateral for you so that you’ll get the full experience of Delloop’s ZERO-WASTE ZERO-OUTLAY MARKETING.


During this trial, you will use the app to send campaigns to your existing customers and even reach out to potential new customers. At the same time, you will be creating a pool of permission-based customers that welcome your Offers, Alerts and Incentives. They will also be grateful, as you will be empowering them with the many unique features and benefits that the Delloop APP offers them.


Your campaigns are super simple to run, via the Delloop app, and we’ll help you create them. [Delloop does NOT use email and does NOT spam!]


Plus Delloop’s formula makes them highly personalised and always relevant to the right person at the right time!


We will help you set up your campaign and your graphics, and later help you assess the success of your campaign using Delloop’s precision analytics.


Delloop promotes:


  • New sales
  • Repeat sales


Delloop also helps you:


  • Communicate with clients, pre and post-sale
  • Test new product acceptance
  • Alert customers about new products
  • Receive feedback on product usage/trends
  • Market to potential new clients
  • Build brand affinity and customer loyalty


And there’s Zero waste and Zero-Outlay!


There are no fees or costs whatsoever during the first 30 days that you are actually actively using Delloop. No credit card is required and there is no commitment, so at the end of your 30-day trial if you decide Delloop is not for you then there is nothing more to be done.


Please note, this is a limited offer. Any questions just ask - here to help.

Thanks for supporting the development of new Shopify APPs.

Delloop solves issues central to eCommerce - lack of repeat sales, costly customer acquisition, low customer retention, friction during pre and post-sales, spiralling service costs and low levels of customer loyalty - all through smarter and more relevant Retailer-Customer Engagement.
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