Replace a product in the cart with another.

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I sell digital downloads, and some products are sold individually and in bundles. In my store, bundles are individual products too. 


I need an app that offers the buyer an upgrade to the product they had just added to the cart. The upgrade involves removing the previous product and replace it with a better one.


Let's use an example (this is just an example, I don't sell music): The song "here comes the sun" by The Beatles is included in the "Abbey Road" album,


The buyer adds the track "Here comes the sun" to the cart, and after that, the chance to buy (or upgrade to) the "Abbey Road" album is shown.


The buyer decides to accept the offer, and the track "here comes the sun" is replaced with the "Abbey Road" album.


So, I'm looking for an app that replaces (upgrades) one product with another. To do this, it has to remove the previous product added to the cart.


After checking a lot of apps, I couldn't find not a single one that can do this. Maybe I'm seeing this the wrong way, I don't know.


Anybody knows an app that can do this?





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I could not find any app on the store which can enable this type of functionality but hopefully I can guide you. This will require some good Shopify and developer knowledge as it would require custom integration.


1. Change the theme to enable so add a button for upselling from product to bundle easily. (Should be possible by accessing the product bundle)


2. Custom javascript which will replace the product id with the bundle id. (Use this - for reference)


3. The cart dropdown and checkout page can be customized to always have an upselling option


Hope this was helpful 

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@eflouret Inspired by your example , i wrote a blog post here

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There are a few upsell apps that can do this for you:
One Click Upsell ‑ Zipify OCU -
OCU Upgrade Product UpsellOCU Upgrade Product Upsell
Candy Rack — One Click Upsell -
Bold Upsell -

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