Required User Permissions for App installation

Required User Permissions for App installation

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Hi - We are needing to install an app on behalf of our clients, and we are trying to determine the minimal amount of user permissions that our clients need to grant us.  

The app we are installing needs read and write permissions for the following scope:

  • Customers (view or manage customers, customer addresses, order history, and customer groups)
  • Store content (view or manage articles, blogs, comments, pages, and redirects)
  • Orders (view or manage orders, transactions, fulfillments, and abandoned checkouts)
  • Products (view or manage products, variants and collections)
  • Locations (Read Access Only)
  • Inventory
  • Fulfillment services
  • Draft orders

Can anyone provide some insight on the permissions a user needs to granted in order to add such an app?  The generic add app permission results in an error "Oauth error invalid_request: Your account does not have permission to grant the requested access for this app.  You may be able to resolve this issue by installing the app as the account owner"


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Need to have permissions to install apps, and if it's a paid app you will need approval to add charges to their account I believe.

May need others such as view/edit orders, customer data etc because if the app needs those permissions and you don't have them you can't approve them to have them either, but I am not certain on that. The easiest way would be to get all permissions except transfer domain.

You can reassure them that they can view their stores changelog and see most relevant actions taken by all users. So in theory even if a developer abused these privileges they have a way to find out.  Hope that helps!

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