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Reserve a delivery slot while shopping

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I was wondering if anyone knew of an app which would allow a customer to reserve a delivery or pick up time/date before starting their shop, which is then held for 60 minutes whilst they shop?


I currently use Zapiet which works great but doesn't have this additional feature.


I'd need the app to be able to show the customer the dates/times based on their postcode, and then be able to flag to a customer when something can't be added to their basket as it's gone passed the cut off time.


For example, I have 4 delivery zones. My postcode allows me to have delivery on a Tuesday or Friday. It's currently 1pm on a Monday. I choose Tuesday as my delivery day, and then start/continue shopping. I add milk to the basket because I can order it until 8pm the day before delivery. I then try to add bread but it doesn't allow me because the cut off time is midday the day before delivery, so I'm given the option to change my delivery day or not add it to the basket.


I'm sure I've seen similar on WeeCommerce and many of the large supermarkets have the same (at least in the UK) but I can't find anything similar to this on Shopify.


Any help would be much appreciated!


(A live example is on




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