Restrict Purchases to Two, but allow customers to buy ANY variant.

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Hi there,
Please help, I really need this feature/ability to successfully run my business.
I was wondering whether someone here might know of an app or a feature on Shopify that I could use for my store, please.
My business is quite different in that it is all made to order. Each week I ask my knitters, sewists and woodworkers how much they can make that week and then I stop their orders at that amount.
So, for example Mary might only be able to knit two cardigans. So, I have to make sure I only sell two cardigans BUT there are 4 different sizes customers can choose from if they want to buy a cardigan. How do I limit the inventory to two, but still allow those two to be in any of the four sizes that she can knit the cardigan in?
Would you be able to help me with this?
Thank you,
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