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I want to be able to tag customers with a monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, or friday tag so that they can only order local-delivery for dates that fall on their specific tagged date. I also want to limit customers to be able to checkout as shipping only, or as local delivery pick-up and shipping (two different categories). I also need certain products to be restricted to delivery only.

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Hello @LiamPeck64,

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-> Create custom tags for customers based on their preferred delivery days (e.g., Monday, Tuesday) in your Shopify store.

Go to Settings, then navigate to Customers, and finally click on Tags to add the tags you have created.

-> Assign the corresponding tag to each customer based on their selected delivery day during the checkout process.

-> Implement custom logic during checkout to allow local delivery only on the customer's tagged day.

To restrict local delivery using tags, please go to Settings, then navigate to Shipping and Delivery, and click on Local Delivery. From there, enable the "Use tags to restrict local delivery" option. Finally, select the tags that you want to apply to restrict local delivery.

-> Customize the available shipping options in the checkout process to limit customers to shipping only or local delivery pick-up and shipping.

Go to Settings, then navigate to Shipping and Delivery, and enable the "Shipping Only" and "Local Delivery Pick-up and Shipping" shipping methods.

-> Set the shipping settings for specific products to be available for local delivery only.

-> In the Shipping section, select the Shipping only shipping method.

-> Test your customizations to ensure they work properly and provide a seamless experience for your customers.

-> Utilize the liquid variable "tags" in your theme to display the assigned tags for a customer.

-> Incorporate the liquid variable "shipping_method" in your theme to showcase the selected shipping method by a customer.

-> Make use of the liquid variable "product_tags" in your theme to exhibit the assigned tags for a product.

Don't hesitate to ask if you need any further clarification.


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HI @LiamPeck64 
We at scrollengine can provide you the solution you are looking for.
Our theme extension enables users to choose the days to get local delivery and storepickup based on the days in week that you configure in our app. 
Along with the feature you need we are offer lots of other power pack feature which can ease you local delivery,
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