Re: Retail Barcode Labels ONLY printing to PDF

Retail Barcode Labels ONLY printing to PDF

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Hello - I have the Retail Barcode Labels app and the Zebra printer purchased from Shopify. 


I cannot get the App to print to the Zebra printer. It will only print to PDF in a new Chrome browser. I do not get a dialog box to select a printer. 


I've installed, uninstalled, then reinstalled the app, which is set to print to Zebra - 10010039 2" x 1" - 51mm x 25mm. Zebra printer app is connected on my phone and added as a printer to my Mac desktop. 


Any advice? 


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I have the same problem, it goes out to a pdf dialog, then I have to select the ZD421- and the resulting barcode doesn't look anything like the preview. 

Tiny fonts.

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I thought, this is how it works. Indeed, it costs so much time, that I'm looking for a better solution and searching the discussions here. 
We create the pdf per product, than have to download it, open it again and print it....
If there was a way to create the PDF for a whole list of incoming products at once, we would already be happy. But I cannot even find a solution for this... 

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Same is happening to me.  Did you find a solution.

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No solution from the browser. I ended up having to print all barcodes from
my phone.