Review App which allows me to only rate the bundle not the products in it

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Hi @ all,

my client offers a bundle that includes various products. I wanted to inquire whether there is the option to review only the bundle and exclude individual products within the bundle. Unfortunately, I cant find a 

Best regards, Roger

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Hello @rogifree ,


Please provide the page URL of the bundle and individual products!

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Hi @rogifree,

To allow reviews for bundles without reviewing individual products, you can build a small custom app specifically for this purpose. Here's a simplified version of what the code might look like:

// Function to handle review submission for bundles
function submitBundleReview(bundleId, reviewData) {
    // Save the review for the bundle in a database
    saveReviewToDatabase(bundleId, reviewData);

// Function to display reviews for a bundle
function displayBundleReviews(bundleId) {
    // Fetch and display reviews from the database for the bundle
    var reviews = getReviewsFromDatabase(bundleId);
    reviews.forEach(review => {
        // Display each review on the bundle's page

// Example usage:
// Submitting a review for a bundle
submitBundleReview('bundle123', { /* Review Data */ });

// Displaying reviews for a bundle

The custom app should manage the reviews separately from individual product reviews, ensuring that only the bundle as a whole is reviewed. Integrating this with your Shopify store will allow customers to review the bundle without affecting the reviews of the individual products within it.


I hope you get a good idea to start!

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