Rewards for affiliates that send customers to me through an affiliate landing page

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I am having trouble finding a solution for this. I have a page builder that allows affiliates to build a landing page with a custom url for their business. The customer can go to their landing page then shop anything in our store. I need the customer to be tagged and related to the affiliate for any purchase or future purchases (maybe a pixel or referral page tracking).


Then the next part is to have a rewards program in Shopify to give the affiliates store credit for future purchases.


If there is nothing out of the box to accomplish this, we can maybe do it on the back end using our order processing in Zoho which is synced with Shopify. Affiliate data lives in Zoho CRM. 


There are so many rewards and affiliate platforms out there, not sure if someone has solved this problem before? Tags? Pixels? Apps?




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Hello Mike! 

I was reading through your question and maybe our app Fresh Credit could help with one of your barriers. Its a pretty simple app that allows store owners to give customers store credit in any amount, for any reason, at any time. 

Below are some resources for you that include videos, FAQ's, and more information about our apps!
FAQ's -
How to use ByteStand-Import Video -
How to use FBA Shipping Video -
How to use Fresh Credit Video -