Risks of installing an apps, backups and worse-case-scenario situations

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Hi, I am still getting comfortable with Shopify. Does Shopify backup our websites? I want to install some apps. I am normally not keen on installing apps as most Shopify apps imo are very expensive. Anyway, what I want to know is if I install an app and it breaks my site, what are my options?

Can I ask Shopify to restore the most recent version of my site? Will they restore it free of charge?

Since Shopify is not giving me an option to backup my site myself (as far as I know), I am hoping they have backups of my site which they can restore in a few clicks.

I also use Webflow and I have used other platforms in the past, and in most platforms, backup and restore is shockingly simple. I am confused when it comes to Shopify backup and restore should the worst happen!

Thank you.


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