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Royal Mail Click and Collect - error connecting

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Hi I'm trying to connect to the Click and Drop app which has worked previously but am now getting an error. 

Does anyone know what this error means and how to resolve it?



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same issue here - was working fine, and now says theres no click and drop app... Royal mail thinks its connected, issue seems to be on Shopify end... Did you get a solution?

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Contacted Royal Mail, took quite a while for them to respond, they sent a link but I had already seen this troubleshooting guide and knew it didn't resolve anything. They did say that if it didn't fix the problem to get back to them with screenshots of orders in the store and they would then look into it which is helpful.

Since then I have had a new order and this order is now showing in Click and Drop.

I haven't done anything or changed a thing.... the only difference I can see between this order and the order that wouldn't connect is that this order has an email address, the previous order didn't. Has this anything to do with it or have Royal Mail done something... I really don't know but keeping fingers crossed that it continues to work.

(I found the Click and Drop app under Settings / Sales Channel btw, its not under Apps) Hope this helps.