Rretrieving consent from web pixel extension API through the customer privacy API

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Hi all,

we are testing web pixel extension API for shopify partners to use our platform for acquiring new customers through ads.

We are blocked on retrieving consent from the customers privacy API.

Regarding the consent management with Shopify, we have some further questions/clarifications :

  • In the online preferences the partner can choose from different option when to collect events (before, partially or after)
  • By default, I understood the option selected is always "collect before consent". So, how do you enforce that User is always giving us consent knowingly in case of PE and not because its just a default option ? Is there any existing way at your end to highlight the potential penalties for partners in case of not implementing any consent management ?
  • For partially and after, they can either install the privacy and compliance app provided from Shopify or install one of the consent apps provided in the shop. I think they are integrated via customer privacy API. To use the Customer Privacy API at our end, we should be able to retrieve the consent and act accordingly but how can we call the window object from PE because window is a Javascript object. Is there any other way to do so ?
  • but what happen if the partner is using an external CMP? How does that work with PE in this case and made sure that consent is indeed collected ?

Thank you


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