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Running B2B and B2C under the same account, with 2 different domains

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I want to migrate my magento setup to shopify, on magento i have 2 stores running over the same database and install, but pointing to 2 different domains, one for b2c and other for b2b, but both shares the same inventory... is it possible on shopify? I saw a lot of wholesale apps, but they are exclusively wholesale, and no retail, and i need both

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Not out of the box.

There are a few options if you are a Shopify Plus Store. One approach would be to use the script editor app to automatically apply a discount to customers that have a specific tag. You could also use the same tag to display a customer's discount on the front end of the site by writing some conditional math on the product variant price.

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App Selly can help you to offer different discounts to different customer segments based on their tag:

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I am looking at doing this as well...

In Magento I have 2 domains
1 B2B + Hide Prices & Cart if not logged in 
1 B2C

Same inventory, same images etc, different prices 

I would have thought Shopify would just have this all available out of the box. Seems like it's all apps... like Magento extensions 

... but, is this possible at all without major pain? Did you manage to find a solution? 

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I used an app called wholesale gorilla, you will not be able to hide prices without tweaking the code, its not perfect but at least customers has less issues checking out than with magento