Sales channel app got rejected

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Overview of our sales channel APP 

- With this APP, Merchant is able to sync there products from shopify on our marketplace.

- On our Marketplace listings we will display products synced from these merchant stores & Buyer can be redirected to the Merchant's shopify store's product page.


We have submitted our sales channel app for review on shopify app store & got below feedback :

1.) Use the required Polaris components and style guide to build your sales channel. Review how to build a sales channel.

 >> Please suggest whether it is mandatory to use React JS or we can also go with the HTML / CSS.

 >> Is it Mandatory to use defined "Polaris Components" for UI of our APP.

2.) Ensure that your sales channel meets our basic requirements. If you'd like to submit this as a regular app instead of a sales channel, please create a new app and submit it for review.

>> In this step "APP represents Eligibility req. / TOS" : For Example in our app min. Eligibility req. is "Mobile no", Should we need to add "Valid payment method" as done in other apps (shared in screen shot) 




>> Authentication of mobile no. should be done separately on our server in a popup, can we do it in shopify iframe ?




      Our Authentication screen is currently provided in Shopify only, we did not opened it in an external popup.





>> In "More onboarding steps" >> What do we have to mention in these steps ?




>> In Sales Channel APP requirement : "Destination to discover products outside of the online store", Currently it takes 2-3 business days at our side to start listing the products (synced from a store) to our marketplace. What URL should we give here ?



>>"In Approval Process" >> This is Product Approval process at our market place or any other thing, not able to get clarity on this step.




>> "Order Management" : We are not generating orders at our side, we are just redirecting the buyer to seller's shopify store, as all the order management is done by shopify. What we are expected to do in this step. We are using cart permalinks to redirect the buyer to Merchant's store.



3.)  Ensure that your app is using the correct API scopes to reflect functionality. Apps that do not use the Subscription APIs properly, are not permitted on the App Store. For additional context, refer to the Shopify subscriptions overview and subscription contract docs. Only submit once your request has been processed. Please see this screenshot for additional details.

We have submitted the "Access Subscriptions APIs" but it still in review, did we missed anything in this. By when we can expect the review to be completed.




Please let us know, If there is any other requirement that we should take care before submitting the APP again.







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Hi, we are on the same boat, have you been able to solve this problem and your sales channel approved?


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Is there any further clarification on this Shopify? Multiple links suggest that apps are not required to use Polaris and yet our sales channel app was rejected for the same reason as the above. 


Please provide further clarification on this matter. For many developers this would require completely breaking away from our own design system to use Polaris components which would provide a terrible experience for our users.