Sales Channel App - Where should manage availability go?

Sales Channel App - Where should manage availability go?

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We've been trying to get a new sales channel app approved, but have been rejected and provided a list of things to address. One of these things are: 

> Apps must not launch Full-screen mode immediately after a user navigates to an app and must wait for user interaction. You may not launch Full-screen mode from the app nav menu. There is no option to full screen the page but the page automatically redirects on a full screen mode. See this screencast for more details.  

The screencast shows the tester click the "manage availability" link on our "publishing component", as documented here:

Clicking on the link redirects the user to the bulk editor and includes our publication ID to pre-filter the results to be sales channel specific. The bulk editor provided by Shopify opens in a "full-screen" window.


In our efforts to find the answer, we came across the sample Channels UI Github repo provided by Shopify. This clearly indicates a redirect to the bulk editor, exactly as we have done.  

image (1).png

How do we resolve this reason for submission rejection? 

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