Sales Channel app - Where should the published status links go?

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When building a Sales Channel app, where should the 2 links indicated in the screenshot (below) go? 

Asking also with relation to the previously asked question:



- Published Products:

Looking at Shopify's documentation, it is not clear where they want this link to go. At first glance, a simple link to the "/products" page would make sense, but Shopify doesn't provide a way to filter the product listing based on a specific sales channel via parameters in the URL.

Should the app have its own page (embedded) showing which products are published, or is there a better way? (Shopify already knows which products were successful and which failed as this data is provided to Shopify via the `resourceFeedback` API)

- Not published - products with publishing errors:

On publishing failures, we currently update the relevant product via the `resourceFeedback` API. This has the following effect (s) on Shopify. 

  1. On the store dashboard, the merchant is presented with an alert that some of their products failed to publish. Clicking on the alert redirects the merchant to the order listing page, pre-filtered by both the sales channel and "products having publishing errors".
  2. Merchants can filter their product listing based on the sales channel having publishing errors. 
  3. The product view itself indicates a problem in publishing the product and displays the reason. 

    Shopify's documentation states: "Merchants need to be able to view all products with publishing errors directly through the sales channel app using the link on the product status card."

This, I would assume, requires a custom page built into the app (embedded) that shows a listing of all the products and their reasons for not being published. Again, simply linking to the "/products" page and having a "Products with publishing errors" filter applied would have been really nice.

Can someone confirm that having the embedded list is indeed the correct approach required by Shopify? 








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