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I have asked this question tens of times to the "Partners" support team and never received any helpful answer, therefore, I am turning to you all.


I have a private e-commerce solution that allows mobile application users to buy products from:

* different merchants
* running with an interface to different platforms (Salesforce, Shopify, Magento, ...)

My solution processes the display of the products AND the payments (this is a MUST).

I am developing a Shopify-App that lets the Merchant decide which Locations & Products he accepts to be sold by my solution.


Despite the use of the different admin APIs (products, inventory, ...), I would like to understand how:

* I can pay the Merchant PER order (= total order amount - %(total order amount as a fee))
* Let Shopify know about it so that both the Merchant and I will be charged with the Shopify transaction fee.


* All buyers' payments are done on MY platform (no redirection to any Checkout...) and one of my Shopping basket could include items from different platforms and/or merchants.

Invalid answers:

So far, I received so many invalid answers, such as

* Use Marketplace Kit
* Use Cart Permalinks
* ...

I am getting crazy as the Shopify documentation is so huge that I could not find any answers.

I suppose I am not the only nor the first one to have this requirement. Therefore, I am looking for real help.

Could you help me find the real answer?

So many thanks in advance,

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I am also interested. Did you find a way @boeledi  ?

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Hey! facing the same problem. I get irrelevant responses from support and not a single to-the-point clear answer. I am stuck at the payments and unable to understand the complete flow like how payments are to be executed with APIs against a checkout. Please let me know if you have resolved this. Thanks @boeledi