Same Product but from different Vendors

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Hello Shopify folks and app developers,


I am trying to looking for a way to consolidate my products so I don't have to add the same product more than once that I order from different vendors depending on available stock levels.

eg. Vendor A

Vendor B

Vendor C

right now I make two or three of the same item but I put an abbreviation at the end to tell me which vendor this "same" product is from. eg. Item 1 (A), item 1 (B), item 1 (C)

the product also can have different cost price depending who I order the product from.

is there anyone with this same predicament and have a solution for this ?


thank you 

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In Shopify you can not have dynamic prices. So if product A from vendor A has different price than from vendor B - you either have two variants of the same product or you have 2 products like you have now. 

Other solutions require creating draft order via API and sending invoice url to customer - but this solution requires developer and private/custom app to make it done,

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Did you manage to resolve this?  We're having the same issue 😕