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Scammed by Third Party App - "SMS, Whatsapp, Email Marketing"

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I am writing to you on behalf of our company called Stemwater Farms, we have a shopify store front since 4 months now. This message is written with utmost urgency for the Shopify team to look into. Please read carefully.

We recently downloaded a third party shopify app for Whatsapp marketing called "SMS, Whatsapp, Email Marketing" by IQteco. This app was intended to be used by us and our company whatsapp number to market our products to our clients in India. They have imported all our clients information, and sent out bulk whatsapp messages to them via some innocent man's number in the UK.

This is a serious breach of privacy. We have been paying and using Shopify hence we hold all trust that your team will make sure action is taken and all our data is deleted from this third party app. We have reached out to IQteco as well, and they for obvious reasons do not seem to be replying. Our Shopify Contact List and ALL THEIR INFORMATION is with these cheats from IQTECO. 

I have received word from the good gentleman in the UK known as Mr. Ash, who has co operated with us in sharing screenshots stating clear breach of his privacy. We have deleted our whatsapp number, as well as our whatsapp web interface from that app, before deleting the App itself. We hope to not hear that this man gets bothered anymore, following which we will have no choice but to initiate legal international court action against this third party app, as well as stop all work with Shopify as well. Please get us answers and WE STRONGLY SUGGEST REMOVING THIS APP FROM YOUR STORE!

Await Affirmative and Urgent Action!

Abhin Aggarwal


Stemwater Farms LLP

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