Scanning SKU with Shopify POS instead of Barcode

Scanning SKU with Shopify POS instead of Barcode

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Hey, is there any chance to use the SKU for scanning products with the Shopify POS Scanner instead of the barcode field? We display our sku on our own labels as a barcode.

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I'd like an answer to this as well.  Thanks!


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Any updates on this?

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Due to integration with google and Amazon we cannot put our sku in the barcode field.  All of our items have a barcode with the SKU.  Some have an extra GS1 barcode.


It would be amazing to be able to scan the sku barcode to add an item to the cart on the POS.  Due to history I would say if a sku is on multiple items or no items just show an error you can’t add the item.


this would easily increase the check out speed for us by 300% instead of typing out the name and having to pick the item then size.  When we do events which half the year is almost every other week, speed is king.