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Scheduled Sales - Bulk edit price and quantity?

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I've found a lot of Shopify Apps that have the ability to schedule sales for you.

What I can't seem to locate is one that will also enforce a limit of the number of items available in the same.



The Basketmaker 3000 sells for $129.95 and there are currently 6500 in inventory.

I'd like to schedule a sale to start/end at X date/time, and only have 2500 of the inventory available. After the 2500 are sold the item would either be marked Sold Out, or the price would revert back to regular price. (I'm not sure which one I'd be wanting)


Is there such an app out there?


Edit to Clarify: *IF* the 2500 available during the sale were to sell out the item would either be marked Sold Out, or just go back to regular price.

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Hey @SyncConsult.

I understand what you are asking for and it's not covered (or I've not found it yet)  at the moment. We are developing exactly what you are saying: to implement discounts and sales scheduled not only by time but by orders, sales, rotation, etc.


We will launch it in 2-3 weeks from now, so if you want to have a look at our App, feel free to reach out if we can help you!