Search and Discovery Filters not picking up Metafield values

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Im using The Search and Discovery app to create filters and the problem I have run into is some of the filter options are not popping up in the backend of search and discovery.

I have it set up to use metafields to filter by and it worked for most filters. The store sales map reproductions and is filtered by filter options like State, Year, Author and Country.

With the filter state I was able to pick up all the states the group them together if the map had multiple states in the metafield but I am unable to do that with country for an unknown reason. it will not show filters with multiple countries. For example the Central America/ Caribbean option doesn't show in the filters available in search and Discovery but is an option on the Front end of the site.Filter problem 3 050824.jpgIs there something I am missing anything like maybe a limitation im unaware of or correct format my metafields need to be set up in?

Filter problem 2 050824.jpgFilter problem 050824.jpg

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