Searching for the Apps that created these website product pages

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We are reaching out to see if anyone knows what apps created the below pages. A lot of competitors of the below sites all use the similar layout using Shopify sites.

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Hi @axgaming,

I hope you are doing well. Here is the required information. : PageFly Page Builder App AddonApp\/shopify-tracker

If you want to display smart image swatches instead of boring dropdowns, use the Variant Options Swatch King app :




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Hi @axgaming 

This is PageFly - a Free Landing Page Builder for more than 90000 Shopify merchants, I would love to provide a solution to your question. 

I've just checked the 2 pages you included above, and you can use the PageFly Page builder app, we do have a Free plan with 24/7 support team. With PageFly, you will never worry about the page speed of the PageFly pages because PageFly never slows down your site thanks to our minified code base. Thank you so much for mentioning PageFly @UtpalSharma!

1. On the first page:

- This one, you can use the Accordion element of PageFly

Blueberry Lemonade – Drink Wraith 2021-04-26 10-18-08.png

On this page, there is a review widget part, you can use the Yotpo Review app, and PageFly integrates with Yotpo, so you can use the Yotpo element on PageFly pages. 

2. On the second page

There is a review part on this page, you can use app, and PageFly also integrates with this app, you can use the element on PageFly pages.

For other parts, you can use 1/2-1/2 layout for 2 pages; use Product Details element; Instagram element, Contact/ Customer forms. All of them are in the PageFly app.

You can give it a try and let me know if you have any further questions. Like my answer, if you find it helpful.