SEARCHING: In cart upsell + FREE Gift + X Y Upsell

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I hope everyone is well.

I am looking for app suggestions for the below:

  • Free Gift (Product) on every purchase in cart
  • X+Y cross / upsell
  • Quantity upsell


Can anyone recommend a great app which can achieve the above?
Important is that the gift will be added as a product in the cart.

Thank you!

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Hey @CKbusiness,

You can add iCart upsell app to your store. It will definitely help you to achieve all the requirements you've listed in your question. It has many upsell options as follows:

  • Product bundles
  • Multiple discount tiers based on cart price or cart items
  • In cart product upselling
  • In cart product recommendations
  • Offer upselling
  • Birthdays collector
  • Survey
  • Multiple Checkout button
  • Cart Urgency Timer
  • Additional discount option
  • Coupon Code option

All these options are available at $4.99 when your 14 days free trial gets over. Hope you will give it a try! Thanks!

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Hi @CKbusiness,

I would recommend using Ultimate Special Offers with all features match exactly to what you're asking, all in 1 app with:

- In cart upsell (check Bundle or Upsell option)

- Add Free Gift, motivate customers to spend more by offering free gifts on orders above given order thresholds. You can choose to offer one or multiple gifts.

- Volume discount: offer a discount for volume tier, buy more get more discount

But if you consider using a separate app for In-cart upsell then check out these two apps:

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell 

iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell

Hope you find this helpful.

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If you try Ultrasell, I am sure that you will definitely forget about others right away. That app is perfectly made for upselling and cross-selling. It's impossible to say that I don't love it.

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You can try out HypeCart which is great for upsells and cross sells both in the cart and after the checkout. I think you will like it!🙂

You can find it here:

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