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Is there a free app that I can use for a small seating chart? I need >50 seats per item and a small gui to let users know which seat is taken and which is still available. I've tried using variants and that kind of works without the graphic but users would have to select each option to see if it is available or not. Not ideal. Neither is paying for a full ticketing app for less than 50 "seats" per item. Any help would be much appreciated. Something like this is what I had in mind...  The names of each person taking the seat is a must as well. I need that data at the conclusion of the sale but would like for one person to be able to purchase multiple seats for multiple people. If that makes any sense...


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Hi Bob, Were you able to develop the seat map feature in the Shopify platform?  I am looking for options to build one and any guidance will greatly help. thanks.

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Im curious where you found the example from your screenshot?