Seeking a Replacement for "Pick Pack for iOS" App for Order Picking

Seeking a Replacement for "Pick Pack for iOS" App for Order Picking

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Since the world's best app "Pick Pack for iOS" created by Tradegecko has been removed from Shopify, we're now in search for a replacement.


We have our own warehouse with a couple hundred different SKUs and are looking for an iOS app where you can select open orders and create a simple list that, ideally, contains the product's name, a picture, and the quantity sold/needed to be "picked." No more features are needed; we want it to be so straightforward that a user who has never used the app can understand how it works without any guidance.


This is exactly what the aforementioned app did.


Which app do you guys use who have your own warehouses to create a straightforward list of what needs to be "picked"? It's important that it's an App/Web-based - creating a PDF that's then emailed out/placed on a share is too cumbersome.


Thanks in advance! 

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Hi @Martin_,


You can use our "Pick List Pro" app to scan, pick, and pack orders from your computer, iPad, or phone. You can mark products as picked via the on-screen buttons or use a scanner to scan barcodes. If you're using an iOS or Android device, you can scan barcodes with your camera from Shopify Mobile/POS. 


BR Pick List Pro ($10 per month after a 15-day free trial)


Contact us if you require any assistance with our app.



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