Seeking Affordable App Recommendations for Enhancing Our Small Organic Soap Store on Shopify

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My wife and I are embarking on an exciting journey with Shopify, where we sell our organic and handmade soap bars. We're searching for ways to improve our store's functionality and enhance our customers' experience. Specifically, we're looking for features that are not readily available with Shopify's basic package, such as:

  • Product Reviews: We've already added Shopify's basic free option.
  • Restock Notifications: "Notify me when it's back" feature.
  • Wishlists.
  • Social Login: Enabling easy one-click login using platforms like Google, Instagram, or Facebook.
  • Sales Analytics: Tools for understanding customer behavior through sales funnels.
  • Post-Purchase Review Invitations: Automatically inviting customers to write reviews.
  • Any Additional Features: Any other capabilities to help us improve our store with minimal upkeep.

Considering we currently handle fewer than 30 orders per month, with an aim to grow to around 100 orders in the coming year, we're seeking budget-friendly solutions. Is there a single app that could offer all these options? Or would we need to invest in multiple apps?


Your insights and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you in advance!

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Hi @jfbaro,

I understand that your requirements encompass a variety of features, and regrettably, there isn't a single app that can fulfill all of them comprehensively. To address this, you may need to explore different apps to meet each specific need. To optimize your budget, I recommend seeking out free or cost-effective Shopify apps that align with your requirements.

I hope you can discover the necessary apps that fulfill your needs while keeping costs to a minimum 😁

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